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Vulcan is an electric anti-scale system that readily protects your pipes from damage such as rust and scale deposits. It serves a salt-free alternative to the often-used water softeners, and saves your pipes from the potentially damaging chemicals they are frequently made with. Vulcan has paved a new lane for itself with its level of quality and performance, as it can treat virtually any pipe material on the market. Unlike other anti-scaling systems, once you have a Vulcan unit you will not need to purchase any new products; it works for metal, PVC, plastic and more. Thanks to their specialized acrylic protection, Vulcan units also boast a life expectancy of over 30 years and requires very little electric power through its years.
You can find Vulcan at Grant Drew Designer Stone Inc. for your residential, commercial or industrial needs.



Grant Drew Designer Stone carries a wide variety of stone and brick products to provide every customer with the highest quality stone, brick and landscaping for their home improvement needs.
We guarantee our customers will be completely satisfied with our full line of products and our excellent customer service.

Grant Drew Designer Stone are proud recipients of the Award of Merit from the City of Peterborough.



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